Grandma's Book

15 August 2012

I had no chance to meet my Grandma in personal. She passed away even before my parents’ wedding.  I don’t have any ideas about her.

Scattered clues about her say that She was a great baker. The Dutch was her loyal customer, and She has her own “cooking workshop” (something quite extravagant on that time) with an extraordinary giant pan. But I never thought that She was an well-educated lady, until today’s (August 18th, 2010), when my aunt showed me an old book with brown pages.

“This is your Grandma’s handwritings. I found it unexpectedly. She wrote Indonesian and Dutch with beautiful curls,” She said.

Grandma’s Old Book

Amazed by what I saw; words with post-colonial era’s type of spelling, I just realized that it’s a book of recipes. We assumed that my Grandma learnt something and then wrote it down carefully.

“This is her heritage, and I need you to rewrite it. So I can make some experiments,” She asked.

Yes, that book is a heritage, indeed.


This is a repost.